2000 Acura TL - I'm in Arkansas

My catalytic converter s ,I believe at least the front one is bad, but most likely both, got 14000 in maintenance over 7 years and 4000 with aamco last year for a leking seal, but car runs great,but I’m told to get new exhaust, because original is rusting out, if the O2 sensor are bypassed, and it has 3 mufflers, will this strain the tranny’s, that’s the weak link on this model, years ago there were class action suit s on the tranny’s failing, so should I get new exhaust pipes and get out the cats?

If you want to remove the catalytic convertors you will be in violation of federal law and so will the shop that does it. And the exhaust components will not effect the transmission.

I live in Arkansas, and there’s no inspections,period unless it’s as loud as a pro stock car, drag car, lots of people are doing it saying it will give you better hp. And better milage, the tranny’s is my concern , just dumped 4000$ at an aamco in Houston to fix it along with new plugs and coils and it gets around 22 mpg. Running excellent,but when you rev it up you know it’s clogged, everything is original,but exhaust is rusting,I’m the 4 owner and it spent,3/4 of it’s life in new York, I was told to remove the cats, bypass the 2 o2 sensors and it will be faster,and better milage, any suggestions on voiding aamco warranty, car has 212,000 miles and drive it easy, but there times when passing it seems to take awhile to get by,although the engine is a 3.2 v6/225 hp, manual says top speed 147 mph. I would not attempt that just want the rattle sound to go away and have a shiny exhaust, Honda said leave it in? Eventually there will be an exhaust leak because it’s 19 years old. Just worry about the extra steps on tranny, Honda’/ Acuras have weak tranny’s, but the engines can get 4/500,000 thousand, excellent motor but tranny has that aamco warranty, I know a new cat is expensive, but don’t want to mess up something else… your suggestion would be much appreciated, thanks

Makes little difference what state you live in, it is still a Federal offense to remove the cats. You might not get caught but is a 5 figure fine worth it for a car not worth 5 figures? Plus we all breath the same air.

People think it adds HP because the car is louder. If it can’t be proven on a dyno or a dragstrip, it didn’t make more power. I’d bet it makes less than 1% more if not actually less.

Additionally, the check engine light will stay forever. If you remove the front O2 sensor, the car will run very badly - far worse than before.

If the AAMCO was my store, I’d void your warranty if you did this just because I could and you’d have virtually no legal leg to stand on plus they could turn you in for removing the cats.

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So you’re saying installed new catalytic converters in it and a new muffler system that’s going to cost a pretty penny,I’m a poor man and I drive it like a baby carriage so I might as well just keep deal doing in there I guess

I don’t know what that means…

But if you are looking for approval to justify removing your cats, you won’t find many here that will agree with your plan.

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But people do remove the catalytic converters and it’s not an offense in Arkansas trust me this I do know, I’m not trying to race the vehicle either I’m just trying to get it to not make that sound vibrations and it’s clogging up and all that,if I lived in Harris county in Houston that I couldn’t even drive that car because theABS sensors are not hooked up so my check engine light stays on all the time anyway, but it runs like brand new and it’s plenty fast for my driving it at 55 years old,I just want to replace the nineteen-year-old exhaust system that’s in it now that’s all, and by selling the cats I can get a new exhaust for like maybe two hundred bucks

I don’t know how everybody up here says the engine will breathe better I just don’t I think it’s going to put more stress on the transmission that’s its we cling even after all the work amcos done the Acura TL from 90s to about 2005 and even after that are known for bad transmissions they make great engines for through transmissions,Toyota does not even make their own transmissions they’re made by a sand and they’re known to be super reliable I wish it was Alexis instead of an Acura

No, actually you don’t know. Federal Offense means that even IF Arkansas says it is OK, you can still be fined by the USA.


Because they are ignorant of the facts.

It’s a federal crime to remove the cats. It doesn’t matter where you live.

May I ask what state you live in?

Florida, but that doesn’t matter at all. We don’t have inspections either.