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20" Tires

Are 20" tires worth the price? These are an optional for a Merecedes GLK that we are looking at. They normally come with 19" tires.

In my opinion, no. They require heavier wheels, more expensive tires, and are more likely to fail from potholes or bend rims because of the shorter tire sidewall. They also result in a rougher ride. You will read frequent reviews of cars with ultra-low profile tires that complain about the rough ride. The only advantages are looks and sharper handling, not something that is an issue with a GLK. 19s were considered huge only a few years ago, and will give a much better combination of ride, handling, wear, and rim protection.

Thanks for the information… also the 20" ties are about $100 per tire more for replacement and not sure how many miles they will last, more or les than the 19".

Often the 20s are higher-performance (summer) tires, with shorter tread life. So they have to be replaced more often at greater cost each time…what a deal!

This is strictly a “Pimp-My-Ride” option. They are great if you never drive the car in real world conditions. You are already considering an over-priced car, you might as well load it up with overpriced options…

The 20" is simply for looks nothing else. Even 19" is really for the look not function.

Fortunately these larger size while still expensive , tire makers have responded with cosmetic “performance” tires(look not function) and even non high performance tires in larger sizes.


Yea, that is about it. If you like the look and don’t mind putting the money out (also consider that most tyres for that size are high performance short life). Personally I would be embarrassed driving it, but others would be proud. It’s strictly a personal thing.

These vehicles are way out of my price range, so I haven’t looked one over, but 19" might be for function. Maybe the car has huge disks and calipers and needs the clearance.

On the off chance that 19" is for function, jumping to the 20" would still only be for looks.