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1999 Toyota Corolla Engine Light keeps coming on

Recently I had a new clutch put in my car (192,000 miles on it) at the toyota dealership. My car has never been the same. It has not pep to it and bucks now. I brought it back when the engine light came on and they said I needed new spark plugs (my husband replaced them with non toyota ones and the car ran fine) so I said fine. The light went off but car still didn’t run better. The light has come back on, we found out how it get it to go off and put some cleaner in the gas tank. After 2 days the light came back on again and the car still runs poorly. I don’t want to go back to toyota since they messed my car up in the first place. Any suggestions

Ask all your friends, acquaintences, coworkers, and family who they recommend for a good, reputable, independently owned and operated shop. The possibilities are too many and too varied to diganose this over the internet.

We often get into lengthy diagnostic processes with people who are doing their own work, but since you’re not the best advice I can offer is on finding a good shop.

I’m sure mountainbike is probably correct.

However, you could at least find out what error codes the car is storing. Many auto parts chain stores will pull your error codes for free. They look like “P1234” - you could get them pulled & post the exact codes here.

I’m mostly thinking about this starting right after the clutch. A lot of stuff gets taken apart to remove the transmission & replace the clutch. Its quite possible that something went a bit askew - like a disconnected vacuum line or poor/damaged electrical connection or something. The actual error codes might help people make some guesses.