1999 Toyota Avalon - Stalls When Hot Outside

car sputters when you let off the gas in hot temperatures. when putting fuel injector cleaner it helped a bit, but the sputter didn’t go away. I replaced the PCV valve.

Miles on the car? How long has this been happening? Is the check engine light on? When it sputters does it die? What problems does the sputtering cause or are you just concerned something is wrong?

Thanks so much for the reply. I’d been to a repair shop and they said to replace the pcv valve… because that was probably sticking. There are 202k miles, but this issue has been happening for several thousand miles. It normally isn’t a factor, since I tend to just drive it shorter distances. It’s only on super hot days and after I’ve been driving for about an hour. No check engine light. If I’m at a stop, the car will sputter and can choke out if I don’t keep my left foot on the brake and keep the engine revved. Also, when I’m driving at highway speed and let off the gas to coast or slow, the car will jerk / stutter. It’s just a little scary and yeah…ha. that’s worrisome.if I’m stuck in heavy stop and go traffic, it’s sure a drag and not super safe to do the brake/gas move. So afraid I’ll be stuck and the car shut off. I drove home last night from a place about 5 hours away …temps much cooler and the car drove like a champ. No problems! It’s a mystery.

The last car I had that did this was fixed by cleaning the throttle body, a pretty easy DIY fix.