1999 saturn sw1 wagon 1.9 LT DOHC ( e ) vin

we found oil in the coolant resivoure.1.9 lt DOHC Although no water in the oil? Also was not losing oil, but was smoking very bad. So we replaced the head gasket, intake gasket, new timing chain and guides, water pump, valve cover gasket and plugs. Flushed coolant system. Well every thing back together, runs great BUT still smoking like a freight train. Any ideas would be very welcome. Also found out through Saturn dealers that there was a repair bulletin concerning faulty cooling system. GM recommendation was to install a number 10 tablet that consisted of mainly Ginger Root to cooling system.? ? ?

I take it you drove and blew out any coolant in the exhaust. I think you need to do a compression test to make sure all cylinders are good. Blue smoke is oil and has an acrid smell. White smoke is coolant and should smell sweet.

“I think you need to do a compression test” – Yup.

thanks What do u think is going on to warrant that test

What color is the smoke?



Blue smoke = oil burning


Valve stem seals
Worn rings
Worn valve guides

How many miles?