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1999 Saturn SL1 1.9ltr 5-speed fuel injection stock vehicle

Have 1999 Saturn SL1 1.9ltr 5-speed vehicle that turns over but will not start.

So, I pressed the pedal to the floor to bypass the mode and it starts.

A few days later it turns over but will not start.

Repeated process again and it works.

Problem occurs about 4-6 times in two weeks of use.

Another time it turns over but will not start. We push car in reverse with key in on position and it starts.

A friend suggests solenoid, but mechanics say no.

I talk with parts house and they initially think it might be ignition coils.

I replace both coils. I works fine for a few days then turns over but won?t start.

So?I take it to a mechanic who claims it is the Ignition Module. He replaces that and the car operates fine?for one week.

Now it turns over but won?t start again. Pedal to floor to go to bypass mode does not allow system to start it either. Plenty of battery power still.

I wait an hour and then the car turns over and starts. Why?

What is the real culprit here?

Fuel pump? Sensor? Fuel filter? Electrical?

It sounds fuel-related to me. Pressing the gas to the floor tells the computer to not feed fuel when starting. So it seems the engine is getting flooded somehow. Do you smell gas when you try to start it without doing this?

Possibly one or more injectors leaking fuel into the engine? Or maybe a bad temp sensor thinking the engine is cold and feeding too much fuel when starting.

Sorry, misread your post—if it isn’t starting now when you hold the gas to the floor, it isn’t getting flooded. Is the check engine light on?

Car started fine early this morning. Drove 30 miles and parked it.
Car started fine late this afternoon. Drove 30 miles home.
No gas odor when starting it.
A temp sensor did fail about 5 years ago and was replaced…perhaps it is failing again.
It seems to not start usually after I have driven it for a while and then parked the car and turned off the engine (like when driving across town).
On 2-3 separate incidences the engine check light did go on when the car would not start.
But…it went off after a short while of driving.