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1999 Saturn Head Gasket Replacement

I am attempting to replace a cylinder head gasket on a Saturn SOHC 1999 engine. The chilton manual says to remove the exhaust and intake manifolds (among other things) as part of the procees. An auto zone publication does not include that as part of the process - is it necessary - looks easier to leave them on.

Whenever possible, I always leave the intake/exhaust manifolds on the head when changing out a head gasket.


I left the manifolds on my 2.2L sundance when I replaced the head gasket. The only drawback is that it is a lot heavier when you remove it and reinstall. Two people should be able to handle it.

If you can leave them on then do so. But many heads you can’t access the bolts unless you remove one or both of the manifolds. One of the bad things about Chilton manuals is for most cars you need to remove the manifolds…so they just cut and paste that part in because it’s easier.

Great thanks. I will proceed with them on unless they interfer with something.

Thanks again