1999 Passat vs. 1990 BMW or something sporty

My wife drives a 1999 VW Passat which has 110,000 miles. I am considering something of similar value (+ -) $5k. Found 1990 BMW 325IC convertible with only 64K miles at similar price. What do you think about trading?

The BMW is a fine car (if it’s well maintained), but why do you want to change cars? The VW should have plenty of service left, do you have problems with it?

The Passat continues to serve us quite well. I just thought I may want something more “sporty”. I have admired Miatas and BMW roadsters for several years, not to mention all of the plethora of convertibles that are on the market. I could probably keep my Passat for several more years for it really runs great. Maybe I should buy a boat!!
Thanks for your reply. Capnjack