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1999 outback miss fire

misfire when driving just after warm up and either stoping or slowing down to turn feels like 2 cyls drop off .if turn of key then restart will run fine the rest of the day. changed the coil, ignitor, map sensor front o2 engine has a new timing belt and head gaskets, spark plugs were changed about 200 miles ago wires seem ok I ran a can of bg 44k through the fuel system not sure what to do now, also it will not through a code of any kind bummer. please help anyone thanks

Have you checked the fuel line pressure?

What’s an ignitor???

What engine is in this

THe wires could still be bad even though you think they look ok. I’d try new wires and if t still misses, you could have the injectors tested.
You don’t mention the fuel filter…if it’s not been changed in the last year that could be it too.
How about air filter???


An igniter is a system of creating spark pulses that replaces the old “points & condenser” system.
Both create the spark by interrupting the primary circuit of the coil allowing the magnetic field to collapse into the coil’s core, inducing a high voltage spike, but the igniter isn’t subject to points erosion, failure of the condenser dielectric, or any of the other weaknesses of the old system. The igniter uses an IC circuit that interrupts the coil primary when it receives a signal to do so from the ECU.

THere I’ve learned something today…other than to buy more rolaids when the wife cooks.

I think that might be what I have in my Dakota in the distributor, but I think it was called something else.

Thanks TSM