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1999 Olds. Bravada Fuel Pump / Low gas / Clicking near glovebox

I started hearing a clicking noise from near my behind my glove box on my 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada about a month ago when I turned the key to ‘On’, but before ignition. It would click 3-4 times and then I would start the car and it was fine.

A few days ago the battery was dead and I have found if I start it too many times in a row the battery will drain very quickly. The battery and alternator have been checked out and are good, and there is no parasitic current drain.

I couldn’t get to the source of the clicking without taking out the panels near the passengers feet, so I took it to my regular shop. They said that they couldn’t find anything wrong and I should take it to the dealership.

The dealership is telling me that the clicking is normal and I need a new fuel pump because the fuel pressure is low. However, I am almost completely out of gas (<.5 gallons) and I thought maybe the low gas could be causing the problem.

My questions are:

1) Is it possible that being out of gas would cause low fuel pressure (I think it makes sense but the guy at the dealersip said no)?

2) They are quoting $1050 for the total project, I know they have to drop down the tank, but that seems really high, am I right?

3) If not the fuel pump, what could be causing a clicking (only for a few seconds before ignition) near the glovebox or passenger feet that could also drain the battery?

Thanks for all help, i have spent hours thinking about this and I want some thoughts before spending alot of money.

The only thing I can think of that could cause a clicking noise from behind the glove box is an electric motor that moves a plate that directs air.

A Battery that drains very quickly and the only work it is doing is running the starter tells me that the starter is pulling too many amps OR the battery test was not done correctly.

Around 1997 we had a re-call that involved putting a shield around the gas tank (to protect it in case of driveshaft failure) Well everyone got pretty good at lowering the gas tank. My point is, a man with experience can do this job in under 2 hrs so I don’t know where the 1050 estimate comes from.
Taking the problem from the top (but at the end of my post) I conclude the problem that we are trying to fix is related to nominal cranking speed but no start. In mechanic speak this is a MTOBWNF or motor turns over but will not fire. I would look closely at the fuel pressure.

These vehicles, if I remember correctly, have the fuel pump relay behind the glove box. I’d be willing to bet, the relay activating is the clicking you’re hearing. From this, I tend to lean towards the idea that the fuel pump is failing. Not sure on the battery drain. Perhaps a short to ground in the wiring for the fuel pump?