1999 Nissan Pathfinder


Searching everywhere to find out the flip-over dangers of this model…been to Car.com and a few other sites and can find nothing that gives me any confidence that my 16 year old will be safe/ok in this car. I just bought it am ready to sell it from worry. It is cute, perfect shape and I know that Nissan’s will drive forever, so I thought it was perfect. I thought only the tiny boxy versions, not this OLD version would be bad on flip-overs. Why knows the answer for me? HELP!!!


I own a 98 Pathfinder…My 21yo daughter drives it now.

They will flip easier then a car…But with any vehicle you need to drive it within it’s limits. With that said…I do NOT think this is a good vehicle for a inexperienced driver. I don’t think ANY SUV is good for a inexperienced driver. Especially a YOUNG inexperienced driver. They are great vehicles…but look for something else for you teenager.