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1999 Mercury Villager

Every time I fill the gas tank, the car slows to a halt when the needle on the gas gauge reached 3/4 full. It doesn’t shut off, but loses power for about 20 seconds, then resumes as normal until the next fill-up. The engine is a 3.3L Nissan. Any ideas?

I think that no one has responded to this because no on can understand what you are describing. It almost sounds like you’re saying the car is losing power as you are filling it (and as the tank hits 3/4 full). I hope that’s not what you’re saying because you shouldn’t fill it with the engine running. Or you might be saying that whenever the gas gauge hits 3/4 the van stumbles a bit in which case its hard to know why filling the gas tank enters your description.

So if you want some help, give a better description of the issue. In addition include all basic info about the van - mileage, maintenance history.

Sorry for the confusion. The car loses power as I’m driving (not filling up the tank) and this occurs after every fill-up when the gas gauge gets to around 3/4 full. This only happens once - after every fill-up.

Are you quite sure that this is the only time it happens? And does this only happen once at somewhere around 3/4 tank and then never again until the next time? What will the van do if you don’t fill it up? What if you only fill it to 7/8 tank? What if you keep it below 3/4 tank? I’m still partly wondering why you assume that filling the car with gas matters. There are some issues that can arise right after filling the tank. But not a hundred miles later.

Its just not a problem that makes any sense so I’m going to start out assuming that gas level/filing is a red herring & whatever you have observed is coincidental.