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1999 k1500 Brake Pressure Issue

Hello everyone!

So I was out hunting last weekend, and I bottomed out on a rocky road (no not the ice cream :)) Anyways, when I did so, it punctured a significant hole in my brake line. I did have brake fluid on me and I was able to limp it home. The power brakes were working at this time just fine (only front brakes). I then capped the line off for the time being while waiting for parts to arrive. Now the brake pedal is ridiculously hard to press, and I am afraid that the brake booster is bad. I don’t want to go through all the time fixing the line if also the booster is bad. Would air getting into the braking system cause such a difficult brake pedal to press? Would fixing the line cause the booster to start to function again?

Just seems like weird timing that it went out, and it was working fine while I drove it. The problem occurred a couple days later when I went to drive the truck again and after I capped off the brake line.

Thanks in advance!