1999 Jetta TDI

I recently purchased a used Jetta TDI. My boyfriend looked the car over for me and told me that I need coolant because I have a small leak, he also told me that because it’s a diesel I need special coolant. The one thing he left out was what special type of coolant I need. Does anyone know? I would like to get a bottle to keep in the trunk with all my other goodies. Thanks.

Well he is right. It needs VW coolant “G-12” as I recall. It is pink. Don’t use any other coolant and don’t even think about mixing it with any other coolant. You can order it on-line for buy it from any VW dealer.

Now how about a question for me. Why are not not fixing the leak? Even a small leak can lead to an expensive repair and is not going to go away. Fix it now and be done with the problem or fight with it until you finally get it fixed. It is cheaper and easier to fix it now.

We are going to fix it but due to scheduling conflicts its going to take about 3 weeks before we can get it to the shop. I just want to make sure I have coolant on hand incase I need it. I check my levels every day and just want to be prepared.