1999 Honda civic wrecked hood jammed grill bent runs but overheating

I was in a wreck and was able to drive it home ( about 3 miles ) next day drove about 3 miles but overheating stopped but drove home slowly about 3 miles. Worth having a mechanic friend fix or scrap for $ 400?

I’d take the money and run.


I would try to fix it

If you’re handy, you can get a lot of the parts from the junkyard

You can save big bucks if you go to one of those places where you pull your own parts. Just take somebody handy who has basic hand tools and a truck

Bumper cover
Bumper reinforcement
Radiator core support
Headlights, if needed
Radiator fan and condenser fan, if needed

I’ve fixed a few cars like this in my driveway. One time I was even lucky enough to find the correct color hood at the junkyard

As for the radiator, I would buy a new one, unless you wan to gamble

Agree with Db but if you are going to sell it, sell it as a repairable instead, not for scrap. For someone handy, it would not be that bad of a fix. Mostly bolt ons and painting except for whatever happened to the radiator, supports and air conditioner cooler.

Some core supports are bolt on

my brother once creased his car and it looked pretty much like OP’s car

I got it going with junkyard parts, including that matching color hood

The ac condenser was bent, but it didn’t lose any charge. Years later, it’s still blowing cold!

It would depend on if the engine is toast after overheating. I need a new car for the critter and would better the offer depending on engine condition. You might as well plan on a new condenser for ac also.

The radiator core support is spot welded in. I’ve repaired Honda Civics with damage such as this.

If you plan on repairing it you need to go to a junk yard and have the front section of a vehicle torched off. Then you cut the spot welds from the radiator support section that you got from the junk yard to remove the radiator support. Then you cut the spot welds out on your wrecked vehicles damaged core support. Then you take a Porta-Power and spread out the bulkheads on each side of the vehicle that got pulled in when the core support got bent. Once the bulkheads are spread to the point where the spot welds on the new core support align with spot welds on the bulkheads you spot weld in the new core support.