1999 Honda Civic Possible Head Gasket


Ok I believe I found the issue. I feel completely stupid for not seeing this last night when the problem happened, but it was dark, I was tired, etc. The heater hose is busted and all of my coolant (I mean water) is leaking from there. My question now is could this have damaged anything im not seeing? Just noticed the water that is leaking out is not exactly clear but kind of milky. Not too bad though. Should I check anything else after I replace the hose?


Re: the popping, I misunderstood the original post. Apologies.

I’m thrilled that it turned out to be that simple. Congratulations and happy motoring.
If it were me, I’d change both heater hoses, inspect the radiator hoses carefully (or just replace them), change the T-stat, flush the system with fresh water, and refill with the proper mix. You might want to change the serp belt too. Coolant is a lubricant, and that can cause slippage of the belt.


I was thrilled as well and I appreciate everyones input. Shopping around for hoses right now. I’ll replace whatever is within my price range right now. You suggested changing the thermostat. Is that a simple fix? Im trying to save on labor cost and do all of this myself now that I know it isn’t a serious problem. You also recommended flushing the system with fresh water. Could you maybe describe that process in a bit more detail as I’ve never had to do that. Again, I appreciate all of you guys help.


It’s great you found the source of the leak. However, if it was run in an excessively overheated condition you may still have blown the head gasket and/or warped or cracked the head. You mentioned that it was smoking badly. Did you mean out the tailpipe? If it was white (not blue or black) it’s a classic symptom of a breached head gasket.
At this point I would just replace the hose, fill the cooling system, start it up and see what happens.


Prior to the popping sound the car would occasionally have difficulty cranking. It would take several times for it to finally turn over and when the engine finally would come on there would be white smoke emitting from the exhaust. I did not expect a gasket problem for this because it was happening prior to the hose busting and even before the overheating problem. Im waiting to get the new hose today but I cranked the car this morning and it actually sounded fine. No difficulty turning over and no noticeable white smoke.


Good sign. Good luck!


I know when I had it hooked up to one of those computer things recently (sorry I dont know what those are called) it did say the o2 sensor needed replacing. Could this be the cause of the occasional difficult cranking/white smoke?


Because you had an overheating problem before the heater hose ruptured, I would expect you’ll have one after the heater hoses are replaced. Be extra vigilant.


No, the hard starting/white smoke is not related to the O2 sensor.

But THAT is a classic symptom of coolant in the cylinders due to a bad head gasket. As is chronic overheating. And regular loss of coolant. All of which it seems you have experienced.


The more I’m reading the more im thinking the head gasket might need to be replaced after all. Im strapped on cash until this friday but have no choice but to drive a bit between now and then. If I keep coolant in and monitor the overheating closely will I be safe driving until then?


Ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Just do your best not to overheat.


can t you borrow a car from monica and chandler?

just kidding, if it doesn t overheat you may be golden