1999 gmc safari gauges

All the gauges went out and the battery light cam on soon after the van quit running.

I replaced the alternator and everything worked again, the alternaor was charging no battery light van was running fine. A week later same thing. Battery light on no gauges. Any ideas??

Need to do an electrical system test. Go to somewhere like aotozone and they’ll be able to test your battery, starter, alternator.

I am having the alternator tested this evening. I will have to wait til later to test the rest of the electrical as the van is not running and I will have to trailer it any place to be tested

One thing that all of us GM techs found out about all the Astro,S-Blazer,full size pickup is that many,many of them came from the factory with the big nut on the starter solenoid loose,check to see if it is tight. I replaced an alternator on a 1998 S-blazer under warranty and the factory just happened to pull my warranty part out of the pile for testing. It turned out there was nothing wrong with the alternator and the word came from the Factory Rep to the Service manager to have this connection checked for tighteness (they were sure I blew the diagnosis). Well I was very relieved that the nut was tight this time but I have found many loose. I never did find out how the new alternator fixed the problem when the old tested good. I have also found the big nut on the alternator loose,so much as it arched and cut the stud half in two.

Check the big nut (8mm stud size) on the starter solenoid for tightness.