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1999 Ford Explorer

The car spontainiously won’t start, it cranks but nothing. Every so often it will start when cranked as it always did and runs fine.It also has almost started and then cut off several times, any suggested causes. The car has a 4.0 engine.

I have a 2000 Explorer with the same engine. I have a steep driveway. I found that if I’m low on fuel, like less than 1/4 tank, I need to park such that the front end is higher that the rear end. If I park with the rear end higher, it will not start. It is like the gas cannot reach the fuel pump. When this happens, I need to roll the truck down the driveway until it flattens out. Then it starts right up.

It may be the fuel system has lost its prime (residual pressure). When it doesn’t start, turn the ignition key OFF, then ON for 3 seconds, OFF for 3 seconds, ON for 3 seconds and CRANK. If no start, forget that tactic. Results, or no results, RSVP.