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1999 Dodge Durange - 12 times around the world

Just turned my 1999 Dodge Durango 5.9L odometer 300K miles and counting. That’s to the moon and half back or 12 times around the world.

Car is in excellent shape and my favorite daily car over a BMW and 300C. Paint is still shiny and no rust anywhere, except the lower part of the rear door is beginning to show rust spots.

Purchased this thing at the height of oil prices in 2007 for $5.5K and with 46K miles. Previous owner couldn’t afford it as a daily driver.

Engine runs super smooth and trans shifts are almost unnoticeable. Change fluids regularly and only 1 qt of oil every 3K miles or so. That’s super good. Gas mileage is about 17-18 mpg and I am not a conservative driver. 80% of the miles are highway driven. No major repairs. Few years ago, had transmission problems with hesitating shifting between gears. Mom and pop shop wanted to rebuild the transmission. I refused and was ready to junk the car but decided to replace shift solenoid and that took care of it. I would now hesitate to take my car to a mom and pop shop for specialized evaluations and repair.

Minor repairs done by me are: recently upper and lower ball joints, shocks, ruptured brake line (scary experience when hitting the brakes and nothing happens), cleaning or replacing some sensors (IAC, shift solenoid, O2, etc.), cabin fan, power steering pump, alternator, A/C compressor, harmonic balancer and fan, outside mirror, window up/down motor.

Noticed a few days ago when changing spark plugs that one was just a touch too wet for me while all others were still in excellent conditions and evenly worn. Currently, I have no plans to look further into this, except to keep an eye on it.

It’s a great car and I will run it into the ground.

One interesting stat, taking an average speed of 55 miles an hour and 1600rpm, the engine has turned about 523,680,000 rpm and burned around 16,666 gallons of gasoline…. But who is counting :blush:?


5 times around the world is more like 125,000 miles, at the equator or pole to pole or equivalent. I like the moon analogy, at 240,000 miles you are on the way home (unless going beyond.)

Oops. I’m an engineer, was never good at math. Should have read 12 times

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Happy 300,000 mile birthday and many more.

Alternator: Check
Coolant Temperature: Check
All Systems Go!! :slight_smile: