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1999 Corolla-vibrating front end

My boyfriend brought his car in to a shop. They replaced all four engine mounts. Now his car vibrates really badly all the time it’s running. They say there’s nothing they can do to improve it. Could it be because of using after-market parts? Would Toyota parts improve it? What can be done to eliminate the vibration? This problem wasn’t there when he brought the car in. And this mechanic was one recommended in the Mechan-x Files.

Oops - sorry - not recommended in the Mechanics Files, we found out about them through other people.

What prompted your boyfriend to have all the engine mounts changed in the first place?

There was a banging in the front end from time to time when he would turn or slow or stop. It was diagnosed by a couple of shops as worn engine mounts. (He got quotes from a few places.) They also said the car has worn struts, but he was going to wait on that work to be done.