1999 Chrysler Cirrus

“clunking” noise from driver side front end when going over mild bumps or uneven road surface. Shock Absorber, Strut ?

More likely sway bar links, but strut mounts are also a possibility. This should be easy to find.

thx, if sway bar links - how urgent to fix ?

Getting the problem checked out is urgent since it could be something else, but if it is the sway bar links, replacement is not terribly urgent and can be done at your leisure. The noise is annoying, but if it changes substantially or goes away, it means they have broken completely and the urgency has gone up. The car will still be driveable but will not handle as well in an emergency situation.

It COULD be your lower A-arm/Ball joint. IF so - you need to have this checked out and repaired right-away. This could be potentially dangerous ‘as speed’. It is not a cheep fix but necessary if that is the problem.

Turns out it was the sway bar but thanks for the response