1998 Toyota Corolla - acceleration trouble

Hello, my Toyota premio 7A engine has developed a problem of not accelerating normally as usually. When you press the gas pedal the car will not move as fast but only to take it’s time and since it’s an automatic transmission it gets it very hard to change it’s gear appropriately, I’ve changed the following parts

  1. New Fuel filter
  2. New fuel pump.
    But it still keeps the same behavior, therefore what could be the problem here ?

Dozens of possibilities. Assuming engine has been kept in top nick, my guess is a problem with the throttle position sensor. A clogged cat is another possibility. Is the check engine light on? Are there any stored diagnostic codes?

Soooo 24 year old car lacks power…

How many miles on it? Is there a check engine light glowing in the instruments? Does the engine consume oil? Has a compression test been done recently? Is it consuming coolant?

Don’t blindly throw parts at it… diagnose the problem. Answer my questions and we’ll proceed from that.


Remove the dip stick from the transmission and wipe on a white paper towel.

What color is it?


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If I were blindly guessing at parts to change the fuel pump and filter would be way down the list.
Anyway, what Mustangman says, plus inspect for a clogged air filter or cat converter.

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There is no check engine light showing on the dashboard and the compression test is not done yet

It’s possible there are still stored and pending diagnostic codes in the drivetrain computer memory which might provide some add’l clues to what’s going on. Easy & fast for a shop to check.

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