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1998 Toyota Camry

I have a 98 Toyota Camry, when I drive it for about 30 minutes both radiator hoses expand and seems like they want to burst.I removed the thermostat but still acting the same. Seems like the car is building a lot of pressure from the engine… What could this be? Already replaced the water pump and have a new. radiator… Maybe this may help-- the car does not overheat with or without the thermostat.

Um, go ahead and replace the hoses.

Could be the hoses, the radiator cap should release pressure if it gets too high. I’d have a new hoses put on and a new radiator cap, see if that solves the problem. If not, then it could be something more serious. And put back in a new thermostat, the engine needs that to run correctly.

I have replaced the hoses because they kept bursting.

Have your mechanic check for a leaking head gasket.

And put the thermostat back in.

…and put a new radiator cap on.

Its a leaking head gasket…Textbook The head gasket has failed and is leaking cylinder pressure into the cooling system. It happens…do you have a 4cyl or a six? You can either put in a good deal of money to fix it properly or buy a $60 bottle of Blue Devil…Blue Devil is a permanent fix in a bottle…and its the only one that works if you dont want to invest the money in the proper mechanical repair. To fix it right you will need to remove the head and have it checked for levelness…then have it cut bec it is prob out of spec…then install a new gasket and re-assemble…oh and while you are in there…hows your timing belt?