1998 Toyota camry 4 cyl neutral switch

I recently went to a auto service center to get my VA state inseption tag. They told that my reverse light is not lighting up. they said they had to do a diagnostic test. which costed my around 112 bucks. They are telling that the problem is in transmission neutral switch. which they are saying will cost me around 400 bucks. i need to get the light fixed if i want to get my inspection tag.is there any other way to fix this problem in a cheaper way. if i have to change this transmission then what is the cheapest and better way to go with.

They could be right or they could be wrong. If you are really lucky you might just need a couple of new bulbs.

I would take it to a second shop to get a second opinion and estimate.

This switch is mounted to the transmission on the shaft below the shift linkage. Remove the shift linkage from the shaft and replace the switch.


Or go to another inspection place, ask around most do not look as close as the one you used.

If the engine will start in ‘park’ and ‘neutral’, there probably isn’t anything wrong with the switch – at least nothing wrong with the alignment. A quick electrical check will be able to tell if voltage is going into and out of the switch. It could be a fuse problem or as JM indicated bad bulbs.

As Tester says the switch is external to the transmission behind the shifter arm. In addition to the cost of the part, the labor cost should be less than 1 hour shop time.

thank you all for replying to my question and trying to help me. I took a 2nd opinion, this time from a toyota dealer. he is saying that the part will cost 254 bucks and the labor 114.
i did not do a 2nd diagnostic because i dont want to spend another 140 buck (at toyota dealer).
FYI, I replaced the bulbs recently by myself.couple of months back. so i dont think it is the problem of the bulb.

I forgot mention one thing,ocassionalyy it happens that when i start the engine the engine does not start normally meaning it makes a low noise ans starts slowly . it starts fully when i start and stop couple of times and press on the gas (while still in parking).

I am hoping to think that the problem is in the neutral switch.