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1998 Subaru

I have a well loved 1998 Subaru Legacy Wagon with 150,000miles on it. I need to replace the clutch and front ball joints. This is pretty pricey…with a new clutch how much life will I hopefully get out of this car? Any ideas…I would love to have it until it really needs to go to Subaru heaven.

With the proper maintenance and an easy right foot it should go well over 200K. I bought a very used Subaru in Maine (Subaru heaven on earth-they are everywhere) and drove it another 50K before selling it to a friend. It had over 220K by then and was still going strong.

Shop around for the clutch replacement. A good Subaru specialist who has done many of them can do this MUCH quicker than the published “Book” time…So the price for this job is very negotiable…

On craigslist, place a “WANTED, Subaru mechanic” ad and see what kind of response you might get…You need to be on your toes here, but you can save a lot of money if you do your homework…

That car is just getting its second wind. If everything else is in good working order, get the work done. I have to wonder about needing ball joints at 150k, though. I’ve owned 4 Subarus that were over 150k and none of them ever needed ball joints. Maybe just tough Maine roads, huh?