1998 Saturn


My Saturn is a 1.9. Gets 30 mpg without fail, however, if I am in traffic with the AC on or off it will overheat within 15 minutes + or -. I have taken it to several good mechanics who have changed the fan motor to no avail. Please help me. Pastor Timothy


The radiator fan circuit also includes a coolant temp sensor and a relay. If either of these are defective, the fan won’t operate. Were either of these checked out?



Has your cooling system ever been flushed out? This type of thing needs to be done every 50-60,000 miles on that year car. A partially plugged cooling system and a fan that will not turn on can cause severe overheating. Both should be checked out. You “good” mechanics should have used some diagnostic skills. I can change a fan motor in a few minutes, but if the switch is defective, the problem will remain. We call such maechanics “parts hangers”. In the medical profession they are called “quacks”.