1998 Prelude 3rd Gear Shift Shudder

I recently bought used 98 Prelude with 114k miles. Since then the car is at 121k and the check engine light just clicked on.

The thing is, the light came on the exact second I felt a shudder when shifting from 2nd to 3rd (using the tiptronic or fully auto modes).

I haven’t had time to take it into the shop yet, but I was curious if anybody has an informed idea as to what could be going on. I’m fearing a $3k transmission rebuild!

It could well be an engine misfire or similar problem and not related to the transmission at all. But no need to guess. Take the car to an AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, or similar chain auto parts store for a free scan for error codes(s) and post the exact results here.

I agree. Have the codes read before you start worrying. There are LOTS of possibilities, and it could be something simple. Check the transmission fluid level (transmission warmed up, engine idling) before you do anything else.