1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette oil

98 Oldsmobile Silhouette engine oil keep going up each time put transmission oil in

Huh?? Are you saying you add transmission fluid - to the transmission, I hope - and the engine’s oil level rises? How do you know this?

Why are you needing to add transmission fluid? How many miles on the van?

22186 mil why my engine oil keep going up and a lot of smoke coming from the tailpipe

Mark, you are not really giving enough info. Are you losing coolant , why are you adding transmission fluid and are you planning to do the repairs yourself?

I’m not losing coolant no I’m not trying to do this by myself no no that’s the biggest problem I got when I put transmission oil in the transmission it went low in the next 4 days engine oil go up do not not add no oil to the engine I asked people this question nobody heard that before my transmission I flowing into my engine when I check my engine oil it red like the transmission oil

So YOU put in the transmission fluid? Where? Into the transmission or into the oil?

Are you using voice to text because your post is too hard to read . I am not even sure you are putting things in the right place. Since you are not doing this yourself just have a repair shop find out what is really going on.

I agree with @VOLVO_V70 . Please proof read your posts so that they are clear to us so we can help you.

There is no way that adding transmission fluid and that fluid could make it’s way into the engine.

You do know that to add transmission fluid on this vehicle…that fluid is poured into the tube that the transmission dip stick came out of.

If your oil dip stick shows that you are over filled…more than 1/4 inch above the full mark…the excess oil must be drained out before running the engine.
Too much oil will allow the crankshaft to whip the oil into a froth and the oil pump cannot build pressure to lubricate properly. And too much oil will force oil thru the piston rings and into the cylinders to be burnt up.
This may be the smoke you are seeing.


Look on the transmission for a device called a vacuum modulator.


Remove the vacuum hose from the modulator.

If transmission fluid leaks out of this connection, the diaphragm the modulator has ruptured, and transmission fluid is being sucked out of the transmission and into the engine.

Which means the modulator requires replacement.


Again @Tester taught me something new.

I wonder why they designed it this way.
You could do major engine damage, just from the modulator being bad.


Finally someone understand what I’m talking about because I no I’m not crazy my engine oil keep going up each time I put oil in my transmission. thanks