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1998 Mazda Millenia S engine lurching, skipping

The TCS and TCS Off lights come on. When I reach 70mph on the Interstate, the car skips and lurches. Cruise control makes it worse. The engine sometimes races and is a little noisy. If I accelerate rapidly or normally, it lurches; I have to accelerate very slowly at any speed. Any idea what might be causing this?

Unfortunately, very few mechanics outside of a Mazda dealership are going to have a clue regarding this engine, simply because it is the only model ever sold in the US with a Miller-Cycle engine. Additionally, very few of these were sold, giving most mechanics no experience with them.

While a dealership’s hourly rate will be much more expensive than an independent mechanic, the dealership has a higher likelihood of zeroing in on the problem rapidly, as compared with a mechanic who has never worked on one of these engines. And, in the long run, that might actually make the dealership somewhat cheaper.