1998 Lexus GS 300 - Master cylinder issue

I have a recurrent mastercylinder brake problem, should I fix it again???

Unless you plan to have it towed to a salvage yard, yes you must have it fixed.
Not normal to have ‘recurrent’ master cylinder problems. Either the last master cylinder was faulty to begin with, or the person doing the install was unqualified.

As others have said stopping is mandatory. Never drive a car with faulty brakes.

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are you having low quality brake masters installed?

Is the person installing the part bench bleeding it before installation?

and after they install the brake master, are they performing a brake fluid flush using a diaphragm brake bleeder?

“Master cylinder” is a misnomer in this case, this vehicle uses a hydraulic brake actuator and a new replacement is expensive.

Because new units are expensive I suspect that you are using used hydraulic units from salvage yards, used parts this old are not reliable. I have never had a problem with a new unit.

That depends on how much you enjoy the car. About a year and a half ago I replaced a steering column on a 1998 GS 300 for $1200 because it would no longer tilt up upon exit for the driver, sounds ridiculous but the car looked like new and the owner liked the car and insisted on the repair.