1998 Jeep Cherokee needs oxygen sensors

I’m looking into buying a 1998 grand jeep Cherokee the mil light is on says it needs an oxygen sensors. Is it worth buying for 1500 with 200k miles. What’s the life span on a jeep

First of all, what’s the vehicle?

The title says 1998 Jeep Cherokee

But in the text, you refer to a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee

It makes quite a difference

A Jeep Cherokee will have the 4.0 liter straight six, which is generally a very tough engine

A Jeep Grand Cherokee has more engine choices

As for the vehicle needing oxygen sensors . . . have you confirmed that is the reason the check engine light is on . . . and not something more ominous and very expensive?

Don’t take the seller’s word for anything. You need to look at the scanner/code reader yourself.

Oxygen sensors are generally cheap and easy to replace

This might be an okay vehicle for everyday use

Do you need an SUV?

Would a sedan not suit your purposes?

There is no such thing as a life span on any vehicle. Some go a long time and others don’t . Good care and maintenance will improve how long a vehicle lasts. But seriously I would not buy anything that had the light lit.

15 to 20 years like many other vehicles, that is why the asking price is only $1500. You are buying a great number of vehicle parts, all in one package, most of which still work. Fixing up old vehicles can be fun.