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1998 Isuzu Amigo - Dependable

Are these dependable autos

No more or less than any 21 year old vehicle . How about posting why you ask .

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Old enough to drink.

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The same question could be asked of a 20 year old refrigerator or vacuum cleaner purchased at a yard sale.
Who the hxxx knows.

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… especially since we have no information regarding the maintenance of that two decade old vehicle.

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Yeah but dealers and parts are available for that 20 year old refrigerator.

There’s a recall on the timing belt and tensioner, so make sure that’s been done. Apparently the timing belt can wear out sooner than the recommended maintenance interval, so error on the side of caution and keep it changed out a little more frequently than recommended. (Make sure the tech who changes the timing belt isn’t color blind btw, some issue noted w/that.) Other than that I’m not seeing anything overly serious. If you have the vin you may be able to via the Isuzu or NHTSB’s website to figure out what the recalls are and whether the vehicle has had the work for those done yet.

OP might possibly visit a public library and be able to look through their back issues of Consumer Reports Used Car Guide to see what other owners have said about its reliability and what systems are the most problematic.

On a 21 year old vehicle , you can’t be serious.


A 21-year-old, low-volume vehicle from a manufacturer that no longer has a presence in this country is a toy, not dependable transportation .


I will take it only if it was free. Even then, I might end up regretting the decision.