1998 Infiniti I30

I have an I30 with the idiot"checkengine"light illuminated. Noticed car was “hiccupping” when stopped at traffic light. RPM gage would move slightly. Yesterday after driving care for 5 minutes I turned it off for 2 minutes, got back in…she cranked but died when put in gear. Now she won’t crank at all. What’s wrong with her???

I will also note that one of the suggestions is that the security system of the car has faulted and that I will need a new security system that only the dealer can provide.

A security system problem would not cause the check engine light to come on. Get the code read.

When someone states that the engine won’t crank over it is understood by most folks that the starter motor isn’t cranking the engine. If that is the case here then the first thing to check is the battery connections along with the battery charge condition. Make sure those things are ok. If they are good then make sure the small wire going to the starter solenoid is getting voltage when you turn the key to the START position.

Are you going to work on this car yourself or trying to prepare yourself for a mechanic’s diagnosis. Checking for power at the starter solenoid with the key in “crank” position is a very good idea,but it can be really hard to access this point,jack the car up,get the car on a lift,use a test light,use a multimeter,second person to turn the key,are you up for this?

I agree that the security system would never cause the check engine light to come on. She is now at the mechanic who will NOT give me the codes. Basically he has thrown his hands in the air and said “I’ve checked all the codes and they test fine…it’s the security system” By the way, I can’t repair the security system, the car has to go to the dealer. Well, duuh, it may be the security system…now, but it was not the security system that caused the check engine light to illuminate in the first place. So the basic point is that the security system isn’t the issue. The check engine light is the issue. Which occurs while driving, no warning, no symptom. Secondly, the only thing I can determine as a “symptom” is that from time to time it hiccups while stopped. Almost unnoticable. Just a slight lurch in the car followed by the RPM movement. Doesn’t happen often. And I can’t seem to recreate the lurching at will.