1998 Honda Civic - swap heat shield for heat tape?

I have a rusted heat shield on an antique 1998 Honda Civic four door with the one-cam engine.

The heat shield is located between the exhaust pipe and the car under body. The heat shield is where the exhaust pipe jogs to the passenger side and the heat shield seems to be protecting the fuel lines into the fuel tank and the parking brake cables where the cables emerge from the inside to the outside.

Question: can I chuck the tin heat shield in the scrap pile and use the wrap-around heat tape on the exhaust pipe to effectively protect the fuel lines and the parking brake cables?

Thank you, JR7-10-19

The heat shield also uses air flow to keep things cool . The heat tape will just get hot as the exhaust pipe so that will not help. Any independent muffler shop can put a heat shield on for not a lot of money. Plus you might also have other rusted places that might need repair. I say fix it.