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1998 GMC Sierra 1500 - Can I pull this relay?

I have a 1998 gmc k1500 pickup. Having trouble with inconsistent brake pressure. Is it ok to operate after I pulled the ABS relay?

It should be OK with the ABS defeated. They kind-of-stunk on those trucks anyway. Just have to live with the ABS light on the dash - electrical tape could solve that!

Inconsistent pressure could be an issue with the power steering pump IF the truck has hydraboost and not a vacuum booster. Of course the vacuum booster could be failing on a truck this old.

Thank you, I already changed the Booster and Master Cylinder. I’ve had problems with these brakes for years.

Have you replaced all the rubber brake hoses?

You might consider manually adjusting the rear drum brakes anytime you rotate the tires. The self-adjusters are crap and manually adjusting will help give you a high, short stroke pedal. The front calipers also tend to get sticky when the slides rust. Pulling the caliper and cleaning up and lubing the slides helps, too. I know it is a PIA to do this but the system is really only good when everything is near-brand new. It degrades rapidly from there!

And I agree with @George_San_Jose1 Consider replacing all the rubber lines.