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1998 Ford Ranger Key Question

The key from my 2001 Ford F-150 works in my 98 Ranger. Why is this? Just curious. Thanks

First guess worn lock cylinder. Had an 03 f250, did not need a key at all!

Is this something to worry about? I mean should I get it fixed?

Years ago, me as a pre-teen, on Sundays my friends & I would go to church, but if the service got overly boring instead we’d sit in one of the Chevy pickup trucks in the parking lot and chat amongst ourselves. We had no idea who’s truck it was. One of the kid’s family had a Chevy pickup truck whose key fit that truck. He had heard it was very possible that a key from one truck would fit another of the same brand, so in order to find us a place to chat while we skipped the services, he tried all the Chevy pickup trucks in the church parking lot until he found one that worked. In the winter we’d start the engine and let it idle to provide heat in the cab … lol …

Allegedly, possible urban myth, in 1960 Chevy only used 50 different keys.