1998 Ford F150--Revised Question


I have a 98 Ford F150 with about 128k miles and I noticed a small amount of an oil like substance on the garage floor. It is clear and has an oil-like smell (smells like an oil-field). After looking under the truck, I noticed a small drip forming under the gas tank. What is dripping and is there any danger?

Thanks for your input.



One more thing about the F150–its a manual (if this helps.)


Since it’s apparently not gasoline, I suspect it’s brake fluid or gear oil. Gear oil has a very distinctive odor, but it isn’t clear, though. It’s important to find out. Leaking brake fluid is obviously a real dangerous situation. Check the fluid level immediately.


The only 2 clear liquids back there are Gas and Brake Fluid. I’ve never looked at a 98, but most of the time, the saddle tank is on the outside of the frame rail and the brake lines run on the inside of the frame. If you can see where it’s dripping from, it should be a simple matter of tracing the drip to the source.

Either way, gas or brake fluid, it’s dangerous. Aside from being 4 bucks a gallon, gas is explosive, so yes, it’s dangerous to be leaking under the truck. Leaking brake fluid could cause your brakes to fail, obviously a bad situation. If you can’t find the leak yourself, take it to someone who can.