1998 Ford F150 oil in radiator

my 1998 ford f150 has oil in radiator and transmission but not been restarted. has good compression. can this be saved with radiator and tranny cooler replacement

Do you mean you have engine oil IN the transmission? How did you determine this? If you looked at the transmission dipstick and saw black oil rather than red and decided that was engine oil, I’d say no. That is more likely burnt transmission fluid.

As for oil in the radiator, I’d also say that the oil you see in the radiator came from the transmission not the engine IF the transmission cooler is integral to the radiator. If that is the case, the radiator needs to be replaced and it is VERY likely the transmission is destroyed and needs a rebuild as well.

Took to firestone car care for look see. Said engine oil in both coolant and transmission fluid. Could this happen if overfilled fluids? Oil change place said truck is xlt but is xl. Charged me for extra quarts for xlt. Is there really a capacity difference between models. Understand about tranny rebuild and am okay with that if motor is okay

And yes the cooler runs thru radiator

No. there is no pathway from the engine oil to the transmission. Is the oil level going down? Oil in the coolant usually means head gasket failure but good compression usually would eliminate that possibility.

Oil in the transmission may mean “idiot working in the oil change place” put engine oil into the transmission.

The best advice I can give is flush the transmission, change the coolant and see if it returns and if everything still works.