1998 Ford Expedition 5.4 Ltr 2wd/ car won't start

I stopped at at store after already making 3 previous stops today. Tried to start car one or two clicks of the starter and no turn over. Vehicle attempted to be jumped no help car had to be towed. Shop thought it was starter/ battery. Battery checked out but they state engine is locked up but oil levels are fine still 400 miles left on oil changes done every 3k. Car has 166k on it. They aren’t sure if its the starter. Any ideas? Would a truck just quit after stopping and turning off the motor?

Have them check for a broken timing chain. If the chain fails it can fall down onto the crank gear and jam it so the engine won’t turn. Happened to me.


Would that situation happen after turning the vehicle off, no other symptoms occured prior to this?

When it happened to me, the vehicle was running perfectly. Not a sound out of the engine. Came to a stop. When the light turned green moved about ten feet and the engine shut off. Went to restart it, and all I got was a click. I thought the engine siezed up.


I an understand your situation that has happened to me on another vehicle. Your vehicle was running. Does the timing chain break as the vehicle is turning off? Therefore won’t start again? No clicking when ignition is engaged and no response during a jump. Are the other possibilities of what it could be given it ran ok until it was turned off. I noticed when trying to start it the battery guage goes to zero and no engine or componet response. Thanks

could be a jammed starter gear (relatively rare occurrence these days)

It looks like its the starter, apparentally it jammed pretty bad and origionally the machanic said the engine may have siezed. He stated they couldn’t hand crank it. This is better news than what I was expecting. Anyone have some fair prices for what a starter replacement should be labor and parts. OEM plus labor and aftermarket + labor. thanks

Starters are not too expensive. You need to hope that the gear on the flywheel (which the gear on the starter engages) is not damaged, as that is a lot more expensive. I had a car (can’t remember which one) that had a few broken teeth. I had to rock it back and forth in gear to start it.