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1998 Cirrus

Car has been sitting for over 24 months; been driving it for 6-8 weeks. Back seat floor soaking wet, now migrating to the front floor. Appears to be water and there are no discernible breaks in the undercarriage. What could be causing this?

While sitting in car have a assistant spray water at all the rubber seals dont get carried away(spraying directly with high pressure)simulate rain.This test may lead you to the problem area. Was the car stored inside or outside? If inside I guess you could eliminate rain unless the moisture appeared in the 6 to 8 weeks you have been driving. Did you notice any wetness when you took the car out of storage before you started driving it?

Thanks for the quick reply. My husband informed me that the moisture appeared after he blew out both tires on the left side shattering the left rocker panel below the door pillars. He blew the tires within 2 or 3 days of each other and the following day, it started taking on water.

It had been stored inside prior to our taking it out. Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

Spray water from a hose right at suspected area see if water comes in. Is the body damaged at the rocker panel (body shop work) or is there a seal at the bottom of the door that is damaged?

The rocker panel is being repaired. If the floor dries during that process, it will be easier to try the hose. Thanks again.