1998 Chysler Cirrus - Makes no noise when trying to start...Windows/radio/lights work

For about a week prior to it not starting it would start but would hesitate when doing so and would need the gas to be peddled a couple times to get going. I know f***-all about cars but need to get this fixed for work. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

It sounds like a failing battery but this is a family forum so edit your profanity out of your post.

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even with power to accessories??

I’d agree the battery might be the issue but… If you don’t know anything about cars, how do you expect to get help from us? You can’t tell us what we need to know (battery voltage, voltage drop when the key is turned, running voltage ect)

I’d suggest having it towed to a mechanic. It will get fixed correctly and quicker. And maybe even cheaper considering all the blind rabbit holes you might go down buying and swapping parts blindly trying to fix the problem. Sorry.

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Im running over to an Auto-Zone that is a couple streets away to see if they will let me use a volt-o-meter. I have been trying to find out what i dont know and it seems that the battery is the first place i should be checking. It should be above 12.4v and ideally 12.6v? Also I should be checking my CCA?

Remove the battery and take it WITH you to Auto Zone. They can test voltage and CCA and sell you a new battery if that is the problem.

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My lord…That does seem to be a much easier plan seeing as to where AutoZone told they didn’t care if I left my soul as collateral I couldn’t borrow their machine.

Thank you ! !

If you know nothing about cars as you say, have it towed to a mechanic.

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You may have two unrelated problems. Try starting the car in Neutral.

Removing the battery from this vehicle isn’t as straightforward as it is for most other vehicles. It is located in the driver-side fender.

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