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1998 Cavalier clutch needs bleeding every 2 weeks ( !?!)

I have 1998 Cavalier with 107,000 miles. New clutch and slave cylinder 20,000 miles ago. Recently, clutch pedal disengagement was rapidly approaching floorboard. I assumed it was master cylinder (since clutch and slave were relatively new). After installing new master cylinder, and bleeding system, clutch felt like new. After 2 weeks, clutch pedal disengagement point was approaching floorboards again. I bled system, and it was like new again. It happened again, and bleeding solved the problem again. It only took one depression of clutch pedal, loosening bleed valve, tighten bleed valve, pull clutch pedal up, and voila, it behaves like new ! It has all new fluid, and I can’t see a fluid leak anywhere. What could be causing this ?

I’m stumped; any ideas ? ? ?


- Bert

Do you get some air out every time you bleed? If so, air is getting sucked into the system every time you take your foot off the pedal. Remote possibility the new master cylinder has a bad check valve. Are there any rubber hoses in the clutch system? That’s what I would suspect next.

You must have a leak somewhere. I replaced both master and slave cylinders on my '88 Toyota, and almost a year later had a similar problem. Couldn’t see a leak until I peeled back the dust boot on the slave cylinder actuator rod. It was full of fluid. Luckily, it was covered by warranty, and I got a replacement for free.