1998 Buick Century Oil Pump

I was wondering something similar, if the pressure drop & resultant fuel pump shutdown was at idle and was due to a worn out motor.

I agree that a sheared distributor gear could cause it but this vehicle should not have a distributor and I think the oil pump is inside the front cover and possibly driven directly off the crankshaft.
This car should have the same setup my son’s Camaro has???

I think you misunderstood what I posted. The oil pump seized up first. When I tried to start the motor the oil pump was locked up so when the engine turned over the cam tried to spin the distributor, since the pump was seized the oil drive rod twisted from the torque until the distributor gear broke.

You are correct that this vehicle does not have a distributor. The oil pump is in the pan not the timing cover and is driven by a rod from the end of the camshaft. That is what I am confused about as far as testing. It is a simple process to remove the retainer and plug in the block, pull the oil pump drive rod and gear out. Insert a standard oil drive rod (one without a gear) and turn the oil pump. Its just like priming a new motor. You could even hook a mechanical gauge to it to verify oil pressure or the lack of.

This part takes the place of the distributor.

You’re right; I’m wrong. For some goofy reason I was thinking 3.8, not the 3.1.
I’m still puzzled a bit about this problem though, or why it should require disassembly to verify anything.
Why not simply connect a gauge to check oil pressure or at the least, remove the oil pressure sending unit and see if oil gushes out when the engine is cranked over?

I have always gotten my oil chanes on time and in June I had a some work done on the car, the put on a new belt. $800 would be the cheapest theing to put on?