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1998 BMW 528i


The front tires on this car seem to wear out faster than they should. The tire dudes always tell me that the tires are ‘cupping’ and need to be replaced, but they never tell me what I can do to prevent this cupping from happening. What is the cause of cupping on the fron tires?

How many miles per set? Do you rotate the tires? Cupping can be caused by worn struts or loose/worn suspension components. When’s the last time you had the front suspension examined by a good mechanic? Have you seen the ‘cupping’ wear pattern on your tires? Do you get a vibration?

I get about 30K per set. I have not rotated the tires in the past. I haven’t had a ‘good’ mechanic look at the suspension, only relied on the tire jockeys to inform me of worn parts. I have seen the cupping on the tires, it’s pretty evident. Yes, I do get vibration as they get close to the end of their life. I just got a new set and it’s amazing how much more smoothly the ride is. Thanks

I have seen these cars come in with instructions to replace the front struts (with inserts). When all the tension was off the strut shaft you could freely move the shaft in and out with no resistance at all. My point is the struts were totally worn out, they offered no dampining effect, and it was not absolutely evident by driving or bouncing the car. It was bad enough to make you suspicious, but not certain. My point is your problem may be with your struts.