1998 Acura 2.8 CL

I have a noise coming from the right rear wheel. Sounds like a card in the spokes of a bicycle tire, or a cricket with no pauses. The sound is dependent on the movement of the car but the frequency does not alter its pitch as it moves faster. this is a front wheel drive.

Try using your hand to check the tread on that tyre. Does it have a little wavy pattern to it?

Never run your hand across the tread of a tire. If any of the steel belt is exposed it’s like thousands of needles sticking out. And this can rip your fingers/hand to shreds. You’ll do this once and learn.


I can’t feel a wavy pattern. Tire looks ok.

tires are fairly new. less than 10k on them. Had an alignment 6 months ago. Just noticed this sound recently. Thanks for the running the hand over the tread tip also.