1997 Vollkswagen Golf Beeps

So I was given this car as a gift around march of last year and it had 150k+ miles on it. The week I got it there was an oil leak, that was caused by a damaged oil filter. So when it happened the car was beeping. I took it to a mechanic, and he “fixed” it. However, ever since then when the car gets to it’s optimal temperature it starts beeping. Whenever I accelerate and rev the engine it stops beeping (ex: when I’m on the freeway no beeping; in the city with tons of stops = lots of beeping). It is annoying and it’s gotten to the point where I am embarrassed to give people rides in my car.

Thanks for any advice and tips to help pinpoint this issue,


I would not be driving this car until I was sure that the problem is.  I sounds a lot like it is low oil pressure.  You can turn your car to salvage very quickly under that situation. 

You need to get someone to do a oil pressure test at room temperature and operating temperature (Don't bother going to step two if the first test is not normal.)

My guess would be that you were driving around with no oil because of the filter so the beeping was to alert you that there was no oil pressure but instead of pulling over and checking the oil you kept driving and damaged the bearings. Now, even with oil ,you have no pressure at low rpms because there it too much clearance between the bearings and crankshaft.

This just illustrates the old adage that people don’t value things they don’t pay for.

I was going to say the same thing as Joe…Is this beeping accompanied by any dash light? What is the beeping warning you about? Sounds VERY much like an oil pressure warning to me esp when the beep is so closely tied to engine RPM’s Thats the only thing I can think of… Which is VERY SERIOUS.

@Joseph_E_Meehan, and @Honda Blackbird: no dashlight just beeping. And there isn’t any oil leakage. Based on what I’m understanding, I need to take it to a mechanic for an oil pressure test? Can the car still be fixed though? I just want to get an idea of what needs to be done so I can put money aside and leave the car alone until it gets worked on.

@oldtimer 11: this is my first car, and I have no mechanical experience whatsoever. If I truly didn’t value my car I wouldn’t be on this discussion board trying to find out how I could fix it.

Yes you need to take it to a mechanic. I suggest a local independent mechanic that might be recommended by someone local (friend relative etc. Dealer would be next choice. They generally are good, but more expensive than independents.

Chain shops (especially the fast oil change places) are the worse choice.

Does your oil pressure light (as well as all other lights) come on when you start the car? Possibly the bulb for that has burned out.