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1997 Suburban Hard 1-2 Shift

Two odds things happened yesterday. I drove to the store about 3 miles away. Just as I got there the 1-2 shift banged in hard. I went into the store and when I came out 15 minutes later, the truck would not turn over. According to the volt gauge, the voltage was around 11-12 volts, down from where it normally is. I let it sit for about an hour. When I got back to it, the truck started, but sounded like it was stuck in high idle. So I turned it off and had it towed to the house.
My question is will a almost dead battery cause the transmission to shift hard??

I have 252,000 miles on the truck. To my knowledge, the tranny has never been repaired. Up until this point it has been shifting normally.

A low battery voltage (~12.1V) caused a high idle and disabled the torque converter lock-up on my 2000 Blazer a few years ago. I haven’t had any recurrences since. Not sure about a hard 1-2 shift, it didn’t happen with the Blazer.


that tranny is known for a problem in the valve body . most tranny shops have a repair kit for that fix . you may have more than two problems .

Turns out the problem wasn’t the tranny but the alternator. The low voltage caused the shifting problem. With a new alternator the old girl is shifting just fine!