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1997 Nissan Pick Up Truck Check List

I found 97 Nissan pick up truck with manual at 105,933 miles (carfax) for $3,000. I am assuming I have to put up some repair bills before give it to my daughter. Planning to send truck to a Nissan dealer for inspection before handover bucks, any specific places/parts I should tell the technician look into?

Are there maintenance records for filters and fluid changes? They should give an analysis of breaks tires and belts, obvious problems and soon replacement parts. Also I would hope they do a test drive to detect any other symptoms that may need attention.

No, there is no maintenance record, I knew I have to pay a repair bill, particular considering she will work from Ottawa, Ontario and we are in Cary, North Carolina. Would hope she does not have to run to garage to fix truck during her summer job? that?s why I am so caution on it.

If it has the four cylinder engine, have timing chain and guides checked out. This is done by removing the valve cover and using a flashlight to check the timing chain guides which are made from plastic.

When the plastic guides fail the timing chain fails.


What repair bill do you mean, I would only add there are a lot of posters with a new to them car, that all of the sudden have problems, the inspection will give you a clue, not a guarantee, but certainly the first place to start.

I’ve got a 156k miles on mine. Its pretty bullet proof. Check the clutch, no clutch is bullet proof in the hands of someone that doesn’t know how to use one.