1997 mercury grand marquis losing water

I have a 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis with 105000 miles on it. About a month ago there was a 2 ft. wide puddle under the front right side of the car (water). We replaced the hoses and there have been no more puddles.

The mechanic did a pressure test of the radiator and they said it was very good.

The car is still losing water and it is not in the oil. They said it may be going out the exhaust and there is a problem with the head gasket. We have to add water after about a 30 mile trip (several times a week).

I want to know if you agree with their opinion or there could be another problem. Also, how much will it cost to fix it and how much time do I have?

Head-gasket problems on the 4.6L engine are very rare. I think that you need to find a better mechanic. At that age, I would suspect the plastic side tanks on the radiator, the plastic intake manifold, and the water pump. Also, was the hose that runs from across the top of the engine (under the intake manifold) replaced?

Tardis is correct…Time for another pressure-test (a simple procedure) by another mechanic. The “hot” heater hose runs under the intake manifold from the thermostat housing. These cars had problems with the intake manifold cracking under the thermostat…Ford replaced thousands of them free…That program is over…The “return” heater hose is a short one at the rear of the engine. A pressure test and a good mechanic will find the leak…