1997 hyundai starting problem

I have a 4 cyl. auto tran. sonata that when the car is warm and i try to start it after 15 to 30 mins.It cranks for quite awhile before starting. Several times I needed jumpstarts.When the car is cold it starts right up.

Since the problem seems to be temperature related, I suggest replacing the coolant temperature sensor. If the sensor is failing, and sends an incorrect signal to the engine computer, it will not mix the fuel and air correctly.

Hey, it’s worth a shot.

I replaced the temperature sensor just 3 months ago and it didn’t solve the problem.I thought the same thing as you.Apparently it’s something else just don’t know what.

This information may apply to your case. I worked on a 1996 Hyundai Accent that displayed the starting characteristics of your Sonata. I suspected a problem with the Cam Postion Sensor and/or the Crank Position Sensor. When I found out the cost of these sensors, I tried cleaning the connector plugs to these sensors. That cured the intermittant no start on the Accent.

Hope that works on your Sonata.

Several times I needed jumpstarts

Does it turn the engine over at the usual speed or is it now a little slower than it once was?  How old is the battery?  How are the battery cable and contacts.

watch the MAF,on the scan tool while cranking

what does the output signal show?

post back.

I’ll try that,right now I have my car in with my mechanic. He’s going to run a analyzer test.I suspect he’ll fix the problem.Good thing about this outfit is if they don’t fix it they don’t charge you anything.Been going to him for years and so far so good.Thanks for the info I’ll relay it to him.

That’s what my mechanic is going to check ,unfortunately I don’t have a scan tool.Most of my equipment is electrician type tools.I can check voltages ,ohms,amps,etc.
Thanks for your response.